Toyota vehicles, past and present, sold under the Toyota brand. Most were made by the Toyota Motor Corporation.

Current and past production vehiclesEdit

Concept vehiclesEdit

The following is a partial list of concept cars Toyota developed. The year indicates when the vehicle was first officially shown to the public.

Name Year Comment
Toyota 1/X 2007
Toyota 4500GT 1989 entered production as the Lexus SC400
Toyota A-BAT 2008
Toyota A1 1935 entered production as the Toyota AA
Toyota Alessandro Volta 2004
Toyota Aurion Sports Concept 2006 based on the Camry
Toyota Avalon (Concept) 1991
Toyota AXV-II 1987 entered production as the Toyota Sera
Toyota AXV-III 1991
Toyota AXV-IV 1991
Toyota AXV-V 1993
Toyota Aygo Crazy 2008
Toyota CAL-1 1977
Toyota Camry CNG Hybrid 2008 based on the Camry Hybrid
Toyota Camry TS-01 2005 based on the Camry XV30
Toyota Celica Cruising Deck 1999 based on the seventh generation Celica
Toyota Celica Ultimate Concept 2000 seventh generation Celica-based road racer
Toyota Celica XYR 1999 entered production as the seventh generation Celica
Toyota Century GT45 1971-1975 with GT45 gas turbine engine
Toyota Commuter 1970
Toyota Corona 1500S Convertible 1963
Toyota Corona 1900S Sporty Sedan 1963
Toyota Corona Sports Coupe 1963
Toyota Crown Convertible 1963
Toyota CS&S 2003
Toyota CX-80 1979
Toyota DMT 2001
Toyota Dream Car 1964
Toyota Dream Car Model 1963
Toyota DV-1 1981
Toyota eCom 1997
Toyota EA 1938
Toyota EB 1938
Toyota Electronics Car 1970 based on the Corona
Toyota Endo 2005
Toyota ES3 2001
Toyota EV-30 1987
Toyota EX-I 1969
Toyota EX-II 1969
Toyota EX-III 1969
Toyota EX-7 1970 based on the Toyota 7
Toyota EX-11 1981 entered production as the Soarer
Toyota F101 1973
Toyota F110 1977
Toyota F120 1981
Toyota F3R 2006
Toyota Family Wagon 1979
Toyota FCHV 2001 a series of fuel cell hybrid vehicles
Toyota Fine-N 2002
Toyota Fine-S 2002
Toyota Fine-T 2005
Toyota Fine-X 2005
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2003 entered production as the FJ Cruiser
Toyota FSC 2005 entered production as the Mark X ZiO
Toyota FT-CH 2010
Toyota FT-EV 2009 based on the iQ
Toyota FT-EV II 2009 based on the iQ
Toyota FT-HS 2007
Toyota FT-MV 2007
Toyota FT-SX 2005
Toyota FT-86 2009
Toyota FT-86 G Sports Concept 2010
Toyota FTX 2004 entered production as the second generation Toyota Tundra
Toyota FX-1 1983
Toyota FXS 2001
Toyota FXV 1985
Toyota FXV-II 1987
Toyota GTV 1987 based on the Carina
Toyota HC-CV 2009 based on the Camry Hybrid
Toyota Hi-CT 2007
Toyota HV-M4 1999
Toyota Hybrid X 2007
Toyota i-foot
Toyota i-real 2007
Toyota i-swing 2005
Toyota i-unit 2005
Scion iQ Concept / Toyota iQ Sport 2009 based on the iQ
Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 Concept 2003
Toyota Marinetta 1971 trailer
Toyota Marinetta 10 1973 trailer
Toyota Marine Cruiser 1973 based on the Land Cruiser
Toyota Matrix Sport 2002 based on the first generation Matrix
Toyota Moguls 1995
Toyota Motor Triathlon Race Car 2004
Toyota MP-1 1975
Toyota MR2 Group B Prototype 1987 MR2 based Group B race car
Toyota MR2 Street Affair 2002 based on the MR2
Toyota MRJ 1995
Toyota MR-S 1997 entered production as the third-generation MR2
Toyota NCSV 2000
Toyota NLSV 2003
Toyota Open Deck 1999 based on the Toyota bB
Toyota PM 2010
Toyota Pod 2001
Toyota Prius 1995
Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid 2009
Prius Custom Plus Concept 2010
Toyota Project Go 2002
Toyota Publica Sports 1962 entered production as the Publica 800
Toyota RiN 2007
Toyota RSC 2001 based on the RAV4
Toyota RV-1 1971
Toyota RV-2 1972
Toyota RV-5 1981 entered production as the AL20 Tercel 4WD
Toyota Soarer Aero Cabin 1987 Soarer with a retractable roof
Toyota Solara Concept 1998 entered production as the Camry Solara
Toyota Sportivo Coupe 2004
Toyota Sports 1957
Toyota Sports 800 Gas Turbine Hybrid 1957
Toyota Sports X 1961
Toyota SC 1948 based on the Toyota SB
Toyota SU-HV1 2003 entered production as the second generation Lexus RX
Toyota SV-1 1973 entered production as the Celica liftback
Toyota SV-2 1981
Toyota SV-3 1983 entered production as the Toyota MR2
Toyota TAC3 1983 + trailer
Toyota UUV 2002
Toyota Winglet 2008
Toyopet X 1961

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