Honda produces the following automobiles and aircraft. For motorcycles, see List of Honda motorcycles. ==Car models==

Template:Col-break*Accord (1976-present)*Acty (1977-present)*Airwave (2005-present)*Brio (2011-present)*Caren (1990)*City (1981-present)*Civic (1972-present)*CR-Z, a hybrid electric vehicle (2011-Present)*Civic Hybrid (2003-present)*CR-V (1996-present)*Crosstour (2010-present)*Edix (2004-present)*Element (2003-present)*Elysion (2004-present)*FCX, a fuel cell vehicle [1] (2008-)*Fit (2001-present)*Fit Aria (1981-present)*Freed (2008-present)Template:Col-break*Grande Mark II (Unknown)*Hobio (2003-present)*Insight, a hybrid electric vehicle (2000-2006, 2009-present)*Inspire (1990-present)*Jazz/Fit (1982-present)*Legend (1985-present)*Life (1971-1974, 1997-present)*MDX (2003-present)*NSX (1990-2005, 2015)*OdysseyTemplate:Disambiguation needed (1995-present)*Partner Van (Unknown)*Pilot (2003-present)*Ridgeline (2006-present)*Shuttle (Unknown)*StepWGN (1996-present)*Stream (2000-present)*Vamos (1970-1973, 1999-present)*ZEST (2006-present)Template:Col-break|} Template:Modern Honda vehicles ===Concept vehicles===*ASM*CR-Z*Dualnote (of DN-X)*FCX*Fuya-Jo*HSC*Imas*J-MJ*J-MW*J-VX*J-WJ*Kiwami*MV-99*Model X*N800*OSM*Puyo*Remix*S360*SSM*Small Hybrid Sports*Step Bus*SUT*Wow ===Racing vehicles===*1964 RA271*1965 RA272*1966 RA273*1967 RA300*1968 RA301*1968 RA302*1969 R-1300*2006 RA106*2007 RA107*2008 RA108Template:Honda F1 === Former models ===
Template:Col-break* 1963–1967 T360* 1964–1967 T500* 1963–1964 S500* 1964–1966 S600* 1965–1966 SM600* 1966–1970 S800* 1999–2009 S2000* 1965 L700* 1966–1967 L800* 1967–1970 N360/N400* 1969–1972 N600* 1972 1300* 1989–1997 Ascot* 1999–2003 Avancier* 1980–2002 Ballade* 1991–1996 Beat* 1998–2002 CapaTemplate:Col-break* 1988–1994 Concerto* 1983–1991 CR-X (a.k.a. Ballade Sports CR-X or Civic CR-X)* 1992–1997 CR-X del Sol* 1993–1998, 2008–2010 Crossroad* 1992–2004 Domani* 2002–2011 Element* 1997–1999 EV Plus, an electric vehicle* 2004–2009 Honda FR-V, a 6 seater* 1999–2005 HR-V* 1985–2007 Integra* 1999–2004 LaGreat* 2000–2004 Life Dunk* 1972–1974 Life StepVan* 1973–1974 Life Pick-Up* 1996–2001 Logo* 2001–2008 Mobilio* 2002–2008 Mobilio SpikeTemplate:Col-break* 1992–1995 NSX-R* 1996–2002 Orthia* 1994–2002 Passport* 1978–2001 Prelude*Quint Integra* 1980–1985 Quintet* 1993–1997 Rafaga* 1999–2009 S2000* 1996–2002 S-MX* 1995–2003 Saber* 1981–1999 Street*TN360/TN-III*TN-Acty* 2002–2007 That's* 1985–1997 Today* 1997–2002 Torneo* 1970–1974, 1998–2002 ZTemplate:Col-break|} Template:Early Honda vehicles During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Honda collaborated with Rover in the development and marketing of the Rover 200, 200/400, 600 and 800/Sterling. ==Aircraft==*HA-420 HondaJet ==External links==* Honda Worldwide* Honda Hybridshu:Honda járművek listájaja:本田技研工業の製品一覧ru:Список автомобилей Honda

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