Template:Infobox Automobile The Chevrolet D-20 is a pick-up truck manufactured by the Chevrolet division of General Motors in Brazil and Argentina. When it was first launched it could be ordered with a 4.1 liter gasoline engine or a 3.9 liter Perkins diesel. From 1990 the Perkins was replaced with Maxion S4 4.0L diesel producing 90 CV and the turbochargered Maxion S4T making 125 CV. Later the S4T was boosted to 150 CV, called "turbo plus" and equipped with mecanic ABS in rear wheels(problematic point in these cars when not charged). Whilst all models are commonly referred to as D-20 the gasoline model was marketed as a C-20 and an otherwise mechanically identical alcohol(ethanol) fueled version as a A-20. As well as single-cab and crew-cab versions, Chevrolet sold the mechanically identical Bonanza and the Veraneio.Template:Auto-stub

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